Join us for SonWorld Adventure Park VBS!

Sunday through Thursday, June 23-27, 2019, 6-8PM

For all children, 3 years old through rising 5th grade

A visit to a theme park is a day of choices. The clickety-clack of a wooden coaster, or the speedy swoosh of tubular steel? The cool tartness of frozen lemonade, or the gooey richness of a giant cinnamon roll?
The choices we make in a theme park will determine the kind of day we’ll have. But the big and little choices we make every day will determine what kind of lives we’ll have, our relationships with those around us, and ultimately our relationship with God. And all that begins with our understanding of who is Jesus and how we will choose to respond to Him? At SonWorld Adventure Park VBS, kids will meet various people who encountered Jesus and discover how they responded to Him:
  • A blind man was given sight by Jesus. Afterward, the man made the startling claim that Jesus is God’s promised Savior. Will your kids also Choose to BELIEVE?
  • Then men with leprosy were healed by Jesus. When your kids see people in need of God’s love, will they Choose to ACT?
  • When a paralyzed man was first forgiven and then healed by Jesus, witnesses questioned Jesus’ right to forgive sin. Will your kids Choose FORGIVENESS?
  • A rich young ruler met Jesus, seeking eternal life. When he learned what he needed to give up in order to obey Jesus, he walked away sadly. Will your kids Choose to OBEY?
  • The disciple Thomas doubted his friends when they said that Jesus is alive. But when he saw Jesus, he believed. Will your kids also Choose JESUS?
At SonWorld Adventure Park, there’s no height requirement, the lines are short and everyone gets a good view of the parade. But hold on to your hats and glasses, because it’s sure to be a life-changing ride!
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Thanks for helping make our 2018 VBS great!

We had a fantastic time discovering God’s Plan 4 U = Jesus!  Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great week.  Here’s a highlight video for you.  Look for information about next year’s VBS coming in the spring of 2019!