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Northminster Evangelical Presbyterian Church
106 Clearview Road Madison Heights, VA  24572
Phone  (434) 929-2713    Fax   (434) 929-2836
Pastor Jeff Porter
You are welcome to join the Fellowship
S.S. class, as we continue our study of the
book of
We are excited to study this wonderful New
Testament book which focuses on the topic
of Jesus being the
authentic Son of God, and
His superiority over angels and any other
Biblical figure
, and on the superiority of the
Covenant He represents
.  We would love to
have you come and join us!
We would love for you to come and join us for Worship any time.  
Come and experience a church who believes there is no
PROBLEM too big, no ENEMY too strong, and no SIN too
deep-rooted for our great Savior JESUS CHRIST!
Come and visit a church that...
Obeys God's Word & Honors His Name
Listens to God's Holy Spirit & Follows His Guiding
Worships God's Son Jesus & Spreads His Good News